Frequently Asked Questions

Common ordering questions and solutions.

Can I order after the deadline date?

Yes, you can. Please note that orders placed after the deadline date no longer benefit from discounted pricing, new prices are noted in red on our mailed out order forms.

When will I receive my prints?

Your prints will ship out of our office within 5-7 business days. Give us a call if not received within 14 days of order.

What if my proofs look light or dark?

Prints will be density and color corrected before sent out.

Can packages be split between two images?

Only one multiple image package is offered on our order form. More split package options are available using our online ordering process.

What payments are accepted?

Orders can be paid for by check as well as Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. PayPal and E-check are also available options if you order on our website.

What is the difference in Standard vs. Pearl paper?

This refers to the type of photographic paper used to print your enlargements. Standard paper is a professional lustre paper, producing rich coloration and excellent skin color reproduction. Pearl boasts a wide tonal range, producing prints with a rich textured quality. This glossy paper gives your prints a 3D feel with rich color and depth. Colors are most true on our Pearl paper. You'll love it!

Will my prints be of the same quality that I see on your website?

Please note the quality of our online images has been reduced for quick viewing.

What are folders?

Folders turn any print into a unique presentation ready for display or just safekeeping. Folders are black cardstock material with corner slits to insert prints. Folders prevent dust build up on prints and can stand upright on a desk or flat surface.

What is lamination?

Lamination is the process of applying a thin layer of plastic to photographic prints. This method will ensure print durability and make them water proof, as well as make fingerprints easy to wipe away. We recommend lamination for unframed small prints and wallets.

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