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The McMurtry Mudder images that our company has shot are available either as a print purchase or a free web-quality digital file download. If you wish to take advantage of your free downloads, please follow the instructions below.

1. There are four categories of times that you can choose from, labeled 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, and 3-5.

2. Notice that the images have been categorized based on time, it is possible that your images will be in two separate categories.

3. Scroll through our many images until you come to upon an image you would like to download.

4. Right click on your mouse for a drop down list that gives you many options.

5. The right-click download option will only work when you are on the page with the 48 small images.

6. Select the option that says "download image". Or, drag the image of your choice straight to the desktop.

7. Share your image on any social media platform with great resolution, and be able to show your friends and family your fun images from this day!

Click Here For Times

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